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A Powerlifting Studio In Boston Where You Go To Get Results

It's not about the grind alone; it's about grinding RIGHT. Get an expert to lead you to the strongest version of yourself

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Get yourself a next-level personal trainer in Boston

With us, you’re not getting generic advice. You’re accessing tailored expertise. Get a perfect plan for your goals, nutrition suggestions that suit your lifestyle, and a comfortable environment.



Structured workout


Why train at PowerLifting Studio in Boston, Massachusetts?

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Nutritional consultation

Fuel smarter, lift harder. Unlock peak performance with our expert nutrition advice.

Man on the bench working out with dumbbells at Power Lift Studio in Boston

Friendly environment

Experience a non-judgmental and non-crowded place where you can become stronger.

Woman doing push-ups with Roderick Shivers supervision at Power Lift Studio in Boston

Extra personal guidance

Get tailored plans based on your level and goals. From beginners to

Woman during the power-lift training at Power lift studio in Boston

Next-level recovery

Recover like a champ! Rejuvenate muscles and mind in a sauna and easily crush your goals.

Training options designed to meet your goals

Become stronger, lose weight, get in shape, or work on your self-defense. Regardless of your goals and experience, we got you covered. 

Roderick Shivers oversees the woman working out at Power lift studio in Boston

Core Workout

End the agony of weak foundations. Our specialized core workouts target the essential muscles, giving you the stability and balance you need for excellent posture.

Man punching a bag during the boxing class at Power Lift Studio in Boston

HIIT Training

Efficient, explosive, empowering! Say goodbye to hours of unfruitful workouts. Experience HIIT sessions that respect your time and boost your weight loss results!

Man in a blue shirt lifting a dumbbell at Power lift studio in Boston

Strength Training

No more confusion or injuries from incorrect forms. With our 1-on-1 guidance, nutrition consultation, and motivation, boost your strength and see progress faster.

Man working out with ropes at Power Lift Studio in Boston

Boxing Training

Pack a punch like never before! Learn the basics or fine-tune your existing skills. Get safe and effective boxing training customized to your level.

Sweating for the wedding

Every couple dreams of looking and feeling their best as they step into their new life together. Our specially crafted “Sweating for the Wedding” program is designed to ensure you both shine with confidence on your big day.

Experience the magic of achieving fitness milestones as a duo. Create lasting memories while toning and strengthening side by side. The journey towards a fitter you is even more meaningful and easy when taken together.

A bride and a groom in beautiful wedding outfit
Recovery Sauna at Power Lift Studio in Boston

Recover like a pro

After a grueling workout, step into the sauna. Let the warmth penetrate your muscles, speeding up recovery and reducing muscle soreness.

Or take advantage of it to warm up for your workout. Let the heat prep your muscles, amplifying flexibility and priming your body for peak performance.

What do our champions have to say?

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Connect with our personal trainer

Nutrition consultations and meal plans created by a certified nutritionist.

Shea Gilpatrick
(913) 212-8400