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Strength, it comes from within! At Power Lift Studio, located in the Back Bay area, we will help you find that strength!

Put Your Fitness In Our Hands

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Core Training

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HIIT Classes

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Strength Training

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* Bridal Bootcamp *

All Classes For Up To Ten People


  1. $300
  2. Six week Program
  3. Weekly One Hour HIIT Class


  1. $800
  2. 12 week Program
  3. One Hour HIIT Class


  1. $3600
  2. 24 week Program
  3. One Hour HIIT Class

* Price will be adjusted for parties under 10 people

* Any number above 10 will be an additional $10 per person

* Additional Send-Off Class for free at the end of each program.

Who We Are

We are a personal training studio dedicated to helping you find the strength to become more; to push you beyond what you thought possible and encourage you when you don't think you can reach that last step! We do strength and conditioning, Powerlifting, weight training, weight loss, Boxing and more! If this is what you want and need in your life, come see us at Power Lift Studio!

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" Something I have learned: All big things Are just small things compounded over time. My favorite question to ask myself every morning,How can I get 1% better today? I know that today counts That this 1% can add up To something extraordinary in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years This is how we approach every training session. Just 1% better. "

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